January 14, 2016

What did you get done?

I had a very productive day today! I worked in the morning, from 8:00-11:45, and then I went off to class. My first class on Thursdays is called Vertebrate Zoology. It was the second lecture of the semester, so we did an overview of taxonomy. My second class is called Physiological Psychology. In that class, we learned about cellular structures and then started discussing some specific traits of the nervous system. Then, I went to my last class of the day, Principles of Biochemistry. We discussed water and other molecules that are important to life! After class, I went back to work and assisted with a preview night that we were having. I was only scheduled to work from 4:30-8:00, but the event ended up running late so I didn’t actually get done with work until 9:00. After that long day of school and work, I went home and relaxed for a bit! 🙂